MOOG Subsequent 37 : Melodic House & Techno Presets

MOOG Subsequent 37 : Melodic House & Techno Presets

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Audioreakt is proud to present their first Moog Subsequent 37 Melodic House & Techno Presets Bank.

We created 117 Moog Subsequent 37 presets to take your techno production to the next level. You can find inside presets for Arp, Bass, Leads, Keys, Pads and Sequences.

The presets fit perfectly Melodic Techno and Progressive House music genres, but can be also use for any other music genre such as Electronica, Ambient, and Organic House etc…

Each sound you hear in the demo is included as a presets. You can find inside as well all the dedicated Midi files and Audio loops (made from the midi file + presets + audio effects rack) for each presets.

If you have Ableton Live 10.1 (or more), you can also find an audio effect rack for each presets, allowing you to have a ready to use sounds with effects.

We also included extra drums loops to have everything to get started.
EVERYTHING you hear in the demo is INCLUDED in the pack.


Pack Details:
Midi Files: 118
Audio Loops: 118
Drums Loops: 20
Drums shots: 16

Moog Subsequent 37 presets: 117:
17 Arp Presets
43 Bass Presets
09 Duo Presets
19 Key Presets
15 Lead Presets
05 Pad Presets
08 Sequence Presets
01 Percussion Presets