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Audioreakt present "Eternal DubTechno", our last sample pack inspired by artists such as Basic Channel, Deepchord, Fingers in the Noise, Martin Stürtzer, VØSNE, Luss and much more..

We deeply explored the sound of dubtechno and absorb its unique atmosphere and elements.

And so, you’ve got all the element to create your next Dubtechno track. And it's also perfect to simply add an "dubtechno" touch to your track.

Minimalistic and uncluttered drums, warm thick sub-bassline, noisy and cold texture, organic perc loops, immersive pad and classic warm dubby chord,

All what you need to give a deep and organic feel to your track.Iindeed you got inside more than 1.3Gb of one shot samples and audio loops running at 125bpm and, key-labelled, (kick included). All samples come in high quality format Wav 44.1 KHz/24Bits and they are all 100% Royalty Free.


Pack Details ( 635 Samples):


201 One Shots :


-40 Kick

-30 Closed Hats

-30 Open Hats

-20 Claps

-20 Snare

-61 Percs



 434 Loops :


-200 Drums Loops

-40  Bass  Loops

-20  Hats Loops

-30  Noise Loops

-33 Perc Loops

-41 Key Loops

-41 Texture Loops

-20 Pad Loops

-30 Chord Loops



 131 Midi Files :


-40 Midi Bass

-41 Midi Key Loops

-20 Midi Pad

-30 Midi Chord