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Audioreakt is proud to introduce you: Raw Techno Samples!


We’ve decided to create a unique techno sample pack which will get you this analog, punchy, raw, edgy and hypnotic vibes.

For this one we’ve been inspired by label such as Polegroup, Mord, Planet Rhythm, A R T S, Soma Records, Klockworks, Dystopian, Ostgut Ton etc…


Inside you can find some rough and edgy sounds, some mysterious texture and atmosphere, but you can also find some more deep and organic drums and percussions, with also some dissonant and hypnotic synth loops, along with some dark and dirty bassline.

You can finds samples as one shots but also as loops (see details down below for more info). Moreover, ALL of our loops come in two different versions: one raw without any effect, and one Wet with some effect such as delay and reverb. This way you can either take a Wet loops (ready to use loops) to fasten your production, but you can also take the raw version and apply your own sfx to really make it your own.


We also included 15 construction kit to help you start your next masterpiece. The construction kit are basically the 15 short track you can hear in the demo.

On top of that, we created an Ableton Drum Rack with all our one shot samples loaded inside. Each Drum rack track has a sampler loaded with sample that you can easily switch from one to another, and we add some extra macro to easily shape your sound (pitch, HPF, LPF, Decay, Sample start, volume, pan). This way you can easily choose the perfect sample and quickly write your drum pattern. You need Live 10.1.3 minimum to run the rack.


No excuse anymore, you got all the elements you need to create your next masterpiece!


More than 2 Gb of massive audio loops and sample shots are available inside. All the loops are tempo and key labelled, the kick are key-labeled as well. All samples come in high quality format Wav 44.1 KHz/24Bits and they are all 100% Royalty Free.


Pack Details (531 Samples) :

BPM : 135

Shots (200)

30 Kicks

30 Closed Hats

30 Open Hats

10 Claps

20 Snares

30 Percussions

20 Rides

30 Toms


Loops (331)

*all loops come with a Wet version that is not counted here (Kick and Kick Rumble Loop don’t have Wet loop)


30 Kick Loop

30 Kick Rumble Loop

43 Hats Loop

20 Ride Loop

40 Perc Loop

20 Bass Loop

60 Synth Loop

22 Noise Loop

30 Sfx Loop

36 Texture Loop




20 Midi Bass

60 Midi Synth