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Difficult to make a techno track without using a single 909 drum shot. That's why couple of years ago, we sampled and processed 909 sounds to make our own library with some ready to use 909 samples.


On top of all the single shot sample with different pitch and decay, we created ready to use drums loops that you just need to drop into your track.


We also included all the midi pattern of all the hats loops, giving your an extra flexibility and an easy way to make your own loops and variationa.


We are really happy to share with you our private 909's sound library. All samples come in high quality format Wav 44.1 KHz/24Bits and they are all 100% Royalty Free.


Pack Details ( 396 Samples) :


186 Shots

20 Kick

20 Closed Hats

20 Open Hats

10 Claps

10 Snares

10 Tom Low

10 Tom Mid

10 Tom Hi

11 Crash

15 Ride

10 Rimshot

40 Perc


210 Loops


50 Drums Loops

50 Hats Loops

50 Top Loops

60 Perc loops